Digital Work

It’s no secret that words move people. In marketing, a successful message is achieved when we combine the right wording, at the right time, to the right audience.

With websites and the various social platforms, digital media is the primary form of messaging in today’s world. While physical signs still serve a purpose, they are not nearly as effective. A successful marketing campaign hinges on relevant and authentic web content that has eye catching imagery.

In addition to partnering with local organizations to help with operational needs such as procedures, processes, events and programs; I have also worked with both national and international organizations to increase digital exposure for non-profits, thus helping them maximize opportunity to connect with women and men who need their services.

Over the years, my work has reached hundreds of thousands of people. I have launched many successful digital media campaigns, helped develop branding and created strategic action plans that work.

So, whether it’s basic web development and designing, web-copy writing, social media managing, increasing SEO scoring organically using key-wording and relevant content or blogging—I have experience to either help your non profit go digital and become “social” or enhancing what you have established to maximize your reach potential.

My niche is partnering with mission-driven organizations. Being able to help connect people in their communities with education, encouragement and empowerment—that’s the fuel that drives my passion.

I have decades of providing customer service and offer competitive pricing, honesty and transparency. I would love the opportunity to give your non-profit organization the freedom of choice in creating a digital marketing strategy that will work for you and your regions demographic.

Here are some examples of my work:

Web Development:

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Web Design and Copy Writing:

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Social Media Management:

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Sample Blogging Topics:

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