For King and Country’s Priceless Message Of Women’s Worth

Having my own personal story, speaking to the hearts of women who may be struggling in seeing their own value is why I started volunteering with a women’s shelter a couple of years ago. 
For King and Country’s main message is on womens worth and not settling for a man who treats them less than what they deserve. 
Women do lack a great selection of men who are willing to treat them like the jewels we are; however, men do not have a big pool of virtuous and modest women to choose from. This to me says that women also do not see themselves as valuable and priceless gems.
But, and I hope my women’s lib friends go easy on me as i say this, it all starts with men. Even though women may want to fight for that lead role, men truly do set the tone and have instilled in them to lead, protect and provide for us. 
My prayer and hope is for an awakening. For family values to return and traditional marriage to be celebrated. The way this can happen is for singles or children coming into age to: a) recognize the sexes, while not the same, are equally important and needed for a family to function properly; b) wait on the one who sees their value and worth, treating them the way they were meant to be treated and vice versa.
Will you join me in daily praying for this in 2017?
#Priceless #FamilyValues #Marriage #WeAreEquallyImportantButNecessarilyDifferent


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