What The Post-Election Season Is Showing–And It Doesn’t Appear to be Love

This Post-Election situation has proven so many things. For one, it proves that our country is truly in a state of chaos with diminished law and order.

What’s sad is that the violent behavior these folks are displaying has been progressively encouraged over the last eight years.

If you think about it, when these types of riots first started becoming an issue was when the integrity of law enforcement was questioned and disrespect for authority seemed to be commended.

As the public shaming of police officers has grown, destruction has been enticed and lawlessness inflamed. Rather than encouraging unity and a respect for authority, further division has been created.

I believe the conditioning of our citizens has been underway and now with the president and vice president elect, those who have been running a muck seem to be in fear.

However, I don’t believe its fear of “hate”. Perhaps its fear of not being able to bully and force your opinions, thought and beliefs onto others by intimidation, threats and violence?

This violent movement has opened my eyes to so much. To truly experience the hatred and anger of so many who have been led astray.

Considering the nature of these internal attacks on our country’s liberty, I actually wonder how many of those siding with this dysfunction have been paid or possibly coerced to be a part of it.

It definitely makes me understand the inaccuracy of the “polls”. It is very possible that many Trump/Pence supporters kept quiet out of fear of verbal abuse or physical violence.

We truly to need law and order restored. While I am a christian and know who truly wins at the end of all this madness, it is so disheartening to see how far people can fall–over the last 8 years in particular.

May God help us all to be awaken to truth and unite. For us to truly be the light, standing up against true injustices and playing the part he gave us for the moment in time we were given.


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